Lincoln becomes the Vampire Hunter version

This is my white whale apparently.

I want the Spielberg movie (TMDB code 72976) but keep getting the Vampire Hunter version. They are both from the same year and a search on TMDB lists the Vampire version first.

I’ve tried filenames:
Lincoln (2012).mkv
Lincoln 72976.mkv
Lincoln {tmdb-72976}.mkv

They all resolve to the Vampire Hunter version.

I know I can manually fix metadata in Infuse, but I have multiple devices and want to do this once using the filename, ideally.

Please help!

This is one of the finicky titles. I’d stick with the Lincoln 2012.mkv file name and then do an edit metadata in Infuse and select the correct one. This will be remembered in the iCloud sync so it should be correct on the other devices once you correct one.

Thanks. Would be great if a future update allowed the TMDB code in the file to make it unambiguous for these weird situations.

There’s a thread in the suggestions forum that is asking for the TMDB number in the file name to refine searches that you can add your support to.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in that thread to show your support for that suggestion! :wink:

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