Limit in the On-Desk section using Plex

I’ve noticed that Plex also has a limit in the “On Desk” folder. You will not see more than 40 items. This only happens in the Home Section. In the series area I also have an on-desk area and here I see more than 40 items.
That’s why my question. Would it be possible for infuse to use the on-desk area from the series area instead from the home area? I also wrote Plex in the forum to lift the limit, but I hardly believe that this will be implemented in the near future.
Best wishes

Not sure what you mean by “On Desk” ?

If you mean On Deck, remember that besides the number of items, there is also a time limit after which the items get removed from the list. You can change this in some players but not all.

The On Deck list is meant for shows that you are CURRENTLY watching, not for all unwatched.

On Desk is a word from plex. It means the same as for example “Watch next” section. The section is on plex limited to 40 items.
And yes, I’m currently watching 43 tv shows. Every tv show one episode per week. The time limit I have set to 100. But this don’t change the limit of items in this section.

it’s called On Deck not “On Desk”… lol ?

Anyway the limit was introduced on purpose (in the past there was only the time limit). The reason is that, since the On Deck list is generated every time by the server, this was slowing down the sync. For this is unlikely it will change.

You can try to use Plex smart playlists (playlists that automatically update).
And since Infuse will soon support Plex playlists, this can be the solution to your problem