Lightweight jerky/lag


I’m experiencing some issues with the Apple TV and my NAS Synology 215J.

My films are stocked on my NAS, the NAS is connected (ethernet) on a gigabyte switch and the apple TV is connected on the same switch (ethernet).

Unfortunately it still appears some jerky/lag on the video and it’s pretty painful ! Watching film from my NAS on my iMac (2009) is working fine, no jerky/lag or anything, everything is smooth and fluid. (so i guess the problem isn’t my NAS or the lan network)

I tried to watch the films on the apple TV with VLC and it’s much worst ! How i could fixed that ? Should i try a new HDD ? The hard drive added in my NAS is a little bit old…

Please help, thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about that.

Can you open a support ticket with a few more details as described her?

I bought another hard drive to test, the problem was the same.

Finally, i think, the problem is my Apple TV because i’ve slighty lag with the sleep screen too and airplay with the same files is working fine and smoothly with airvideo on my iMac.

I used my apple care to fix my problem, i hope it’s gonna work…