Lightning to HDMI Cable

My favourite thing about Infuse on TVOS is not having to worry about compatible formats etc.

I’m looking for a solution to watching video on my travels, and was looking at the Lightning to HDMI cable. I was wondering whether this this will allow me to watch any video in Infuse in my iPhone / iPad on a TV? Or are there restrictions around formats etc?

You can indeed watch any video from your phone on a TV, I do it all the time, just be careful about 3rd party cables as some have trouble so the Apple cable maybe the route to go!

Go for the original apple dongle. One attention point, HDMI to external TV/Projector with Airplay Audio to external speaker does not work with Infuse. HDMI to external TV/Projector with Bluetooth Audio works.

I also do this lots - load up everyones phones and iPads with films and TV so we can have movie nights without worrying about bad internet.

+1 for the legit Apple one - I have bought cheap ones and my phone would block it.

It’s apps like Netflix, which are obligated to protect their content, that have issues with using a lightening to HDMI connector.