So after i jailbreak my apple tv 2 running software 6.0.2 i cannot get the unit to power on.  It just keeps on blinking.  Everything else i have done has worked the way any tutorial told me it would.  I cannot get it to power back on unless i unplug (obv removes the jailbreak).  Please help!


6.0.2 is a TeTHERED jailbreak.

I get that it’s tethered and I never removed the power cord. I followed the instructions and after it said jailbreak is complete and ONLY removed the USB chord.

Sounds like it is waiting for. The tethered boot stage!

You do the jailbreak once. Having done that the tethered boot stage is required after the jailbreak completes and any time power has been removed.


in the STICKY-Posting Apple TV Version Info (updated 11/14) there is written it’s no jailbreak available for 6.0.2 (iOS 7.0.4 - 11B554a)


am i wrong?

greetings Ed

Hey thanks for the help. How do I initiate the tethered boot stage? I haven’t seen this mentioned in any of the directions I have been reading .

Hi I’m having the same problem and have followed both steps for creating the Ipswich and a tethered boot


again: no jailbreak available for 6.0.2 (iOS 7.0.4 - 11B554a)



Some people seem to have succeed with tethered boot



read bottom of the page