LifeTime upgrade from Version 6 to Version 7


I am a Lifetime pro 6 user, how I can upgrade to Version 7 pro ?

In the description stand this:

“Infuse 7 is a free automatic update for all Infuse Pro subscribers (monthly, yearly, lifetime) and is waiting for you in the App Store. Seriously …go grab it!”

So what I must do to become Version 7 pro for iOS, and AppleTV 4K and Mac Version to ?

Bye from Vienna

For Apple TV and iOS the app should automatically update to version seven and will bring along your subscription. For macOS you just need to be signed into the same App Store account. Family sharing works too.

But, if you bought the standalone “Infuse 6 pro” and not the lifetime subscription for the free “Infuse 6” app then you will not automatically update to 7 and the purchase will not extend to the new version. You will need to subscribe to one of the new options in the new infuse 7 free app.


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