Lifetime Upgrade for Pro

I had taken advantage of this when upgrading from 5 to 6. How does this work when Infuse 7 eventually comes out? I can’t find anything that states I have the lifetime upgrade active.

With a lifetime license (or a monthly/annual subscription) your Infuse 6 app will automatically update to Infuse 7, once it becomes available.

Full details on locating your past purchases (to confirm your lifetime status) can be found here. See your purchase history for the App Store, iTunes Store, and more - Apple Support

Found it.
I don’t remember for sure. That $39.99 upgrade special from back in March was a lifetime upgrade? Or only for Infuse 7?

Thanks very much.

The lifetime upgrade option gives you all future releases of inFuse at no additional cost regardless of their version number.

If you see either of these item names on your purchase receipt, you have a lifetime license.

  • Infuse Pro - Lifetime
  • Infuse Pro - Upgrade Special

This will cover all future updates (v7, v8…v21, etc…).

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