lifetime updates


Does a lifetime subscription allow updates for both apple tv 2 AND 3 when the software will be released, or only one of them ?

what about any possible atvflash new major release ( let’s think about a possible atv4…? ) is this included or only updates for atv2 ?




If the Apple TV 3 is every jailbroken the software would function fine therefore lifetime updates would be for both 2 and 3. You cannot speculate on a product that doesn’t exist.


speculate course brings nothing. However, as the license is intended for? I believe that many are faced with the decision. AnyDVD and CloneDVD also offers lifetime licenses. Where I know that I am also on Windows 8, Windows 9 or 10 years still have a fully functional software. A fix for the lifelong ATV3 brings me personally not much. The device is probably in 2 years out of date or not defective. Maybe I’ll get in a year ATV4. If my ATV3 is defective in one year, I would like the current model (probably ATV4) buy. If I pay 30 or 60 makes a difference. What good then my lifetime license? It benefits only what if a Lifetime License would be a Fire Core license, with which I can jailbreak your ATV.

Perhaps it is already so. I do not know. On my request to the support I have no answer. The request is also first on Friday and today is Monday.

It would be really important to get information about whether in a Lifetime License future ATV are included.

If it only applies to ATV3, I buy a 1 or 2 year license.


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