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I have been subscribing month to month on through Apple App Store for Infuse Pro. I decided to opt for the Infuse Pro Lifetime. I’ve noticed that lifetime subscriptions is missing from the subscription area. Frustration because usually developers hide this option to keep you on a indefinite month to month membership. So, I cancelled my membership ship (officially ending July 5th) and tried to opt for Infuse Lifetime for $59. So, I get a message saying that there is no internet connection when I try this option from my home fiber internet. Need assistance( picture attached). Thanks.


Hmmm, it should work exactly as per your procedure.

Your best option is probably to contact Apple and ask them, why there app store is not working as expected.

Stopping App Store App and restart couls also work.

I don’t think that’s the problem. I restarted Infuse 6 Pro and when I go to the same section you can see the sections Monthly Pro, Yearly, Lifetime appear to sync up after progress symbol stops. If you tap on “Monthly Pro“ it says “thank you” showing there is communication with the Apple App Store. When you choose “yearly” or “lifetime” I’m getting the network error. It appears possibly the dev disconnected those other options until your subscription ends. But frustrated that lifetime is not an option under the App Store subscriptions. I guess nobody from support is working on weekends, I’ll have to wait…

Often times restarting your device will resolve App Store errors like this.

I would try the following

  1. Restart device
  2. Open Infuse
  3. Open the purchase prompt, scroll to the bottom and tap Restore

If that doesn’t work, you may need to sign out of the App Store and back in again.

Thanks James. Doing the phone restart fixed the issue and Lifetime Subscription purchased in Infiuse 6 app without a hitch. :+1:

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