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I bought last year (29 november 2019) the LifeTime subscription for Infuse Pro. I have the confirmation email from Apple.
When I check today on my Iphone I see only subscription for one year with renew on 23 december 2020 for the price of 5,49€ / year.
Can you explain me please ?


Sounds like you didn’t cancel your annual when you changed to lifetime. Once you go to lifetime you won’t see any renewal notices.

Cancel for annual is not automatic when we purchase a lifetime subscription ?

Nope and if you don’t cancel it you’ll be charged another. Apple still has some rough edges on their app store for lifetime subscriptions.

This is a post by James talking about how to tell you’ve got a lifetime subscription. When you open the settings on your free Infuse 6 app you’ll see what he is describing.

Edit to add here’s another thread about this

Ok thanks for clarification, I just canceled my annual subscription.

I’m currently on the year pro suscription, change to a lifetime will cost me 65€…
I’ll wait until next version to upgrade to lifetime if it comes with a discount.

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