Lifetime subscription and App store country change

I have an yearly subscription and now I’m stuck on the same App store country.
I would like to have a confirmation that a Lifetime subscription would allow me to switch App store country.

The best I could find was that:

Since the lifetime license is a one-time purchase, it technically isn’t a subscription so it won’t appear in the Subscriptions section of the App Store.

Switching App Store countries (or Apple IDs) means you lose access to all purchases made on the other country’s store.

Unfortunately, Apple does not currently provide a way to transfer these purchases.

Some additional info can be found here.

other sources, at least back from 2016, report differently: How can I recover the purchases done in a… - Apple Community

I just made a test, registered a new app store account, bought an app while on a country, deleted and switched country: the app was even still available in my purchase list and I could download it without paying it again. The two payment methods in the country were different btw.

what kind of in-app purchase is the lifetime subscription (Buy additional app features with in-app purchases and subscriptions – Apple Support)?

if it’s a non-consumable one:

You buy these items once, and you can transfer them to other devices that are associated with your Apple ID. If you lose a non-consumable purchase, you might be able to download it again for free.

since the purchase will be linked to my app id regardless of the country I would expect to be able to “donwload” it again for free.

I’m based in Canada and I do something similar with a US iTunes account for subscribing to HBO Max and Hulu. Everything will stay including in app purchases and subscriptions however sometimes and app will lose the subscription. If this happens you need to do sign back into your iTunes account and restore the purchase. Not sure what happens if you change the region on your iTunes account. I just created multiple accounts.

hi @JarvisMeier, creating two accounts is what I want to avoid, can you confirm this is your setup?

Ok great, if it works in your test then it should work for Infuse as well. This process is handled entirely by Apple, and it’s not something we have any control over.

FYI, the Lifetime license is a non-consumable in-app purchase.