Lifetime Purchase and using Paid-App

I have infuse 4 pro.
I want to buy a lifetime purchase, but also I always want to use paid-app (infuse pro).

I know if I buy a lifetime purchase, infuse 6 and pro 6 will be the same. There won’t be any differences.

But I want to use paid-apps (v6, v7,v8…), and I want to buy lifetime purchase.

If there is no way to buy like that, so Why don’t you add a new purchase method like What I want.

I’m waiting your answer for buying Infuse. Please add this purchase method too, if it doesn’t exist.

You do get a lifetime purchase with pro but you don’t get free upgrades. Upgrades are limited to a subscription this is due to the way Apple handles the App Store.

When you by a lifetime subscription to Infuse you get the Pro version features for V6 and all future versions including 7, 8, etc. You don’t have to buy a new subscription every time there’s a major version change.

That’s not quite true. Developers can make a choice in the matter. It happens that Firecore chooses not to make all upgrades free. Minor updates yes, but if you want all, you can only do that via subscription. Or buy each new one as its released.

Yes I know if I buy a lifetime subscription, I’ll have all future infuses, v7, v8…

But I am asking a different question.

I want to use paid-apps (Infuse Pro 6, Infuse Pro 7…), when I buy lifetime subscription.

And I didn’t find any purchase method like What I want.

Could you add the method like this, if there isn’t exist?

You get the pro features with the lifetime subscription. There is zero difference between infuse pro standalone and infuse with a pro subscription… unless of course you wanted perpetual offline access or an ability to extract the package file and resell it by only paying for it once.

With the lifetime subscription, all of your upgrades are of the Pro version.

So if I buy lifetime subscription,
Will I use ‘infuse pro 6,7,8’ or “ infuse 6,7,8 with pro features “?

I know both of them are the same, but I want to use Infuse Pro 6,7,8?

Can you create a purchase method like that?

I didn’t know about “ unless of course you wanted perpetual offline access or an ability to extract the package file and resell it by only paying for it once. “

Can you explain me about these with more details?

The features in the in-app purchase and standalone Pro app are the same, but they are separate.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to transfer an in-app purchase to a standalone Pro app (and vice versa).

The in-app purchase options will cover upgrades to major releases in the future (v7, v8, etc…). The standalone Pro app will cover updates for v6 only (6.2, 6,3, etc…).

Thank you, you understood what I mean.

Isn’t it possible to use this method too?
If someone buy paid-app-lifetime with the same lifetime price or more price,
When the new major version come, you can give them promotion code of the new promotion code.

When infuse 7 pro come, you can give the promotion code of infuse 7 Pro.

But now I thought that people can buy it, it’s not safe for you and your effort.

So I’ll buy Infuse pro 6, and if Infuse pro 7’ll release, I can buy it with discount that you‘ll provide. Because You did this kind of discount before, for those who bought older pro version.

Also I notice something, I had ex-Apple Store account, and I have changed it some years ago.

And I noticed I have bought your infuse pro 4 with that ex-account.

I downloaded it and I check if there is Special Price for lifetime Subscription, and I saw.

I think it’s security flaw.
People who want to buy lifetime subscription can benefit Special Price using other accounts which was bought older Infuse Pro.
Am I wrong?

Unfortunately, the App Store doesn’t really provide a way to do this.

Infuse 6 was just released this year, so it will be awhile before Infuse 7 is available, and we don’t have any info on pricing or upgrade options yet.

Thank you for your explanation. So I’ll buy pro version.

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