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I bought a lifetime membership two months ago, thinking it would convert when my previous annual subscription ran out. While starting a movie up today it locked me out and wouldn’t let me continue until I signed up for a trial of Pro (which I’ve already paid for) due to DTS audio. So now the only thing I’m signed up for is a yearly subscription that is expiring 4/30.

I tried tech support and was kindly told by Alexis to turn it off an on again, and if that doesn’t work, to reinstall and install the entire thing. Respectfully, I’m just going to go to my credit card company and issue a charge-back if that’s the advice I’m getting because I sure feel scammed. Any developer help?

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Unfortunately I believe you have to cancel any subscriptions that you do not want to continue, even if you purchase an upgrade subscription.

This is a new prompt for only pro users that you need to purchase for free. If you are unable to get it you can hit remind me later for 10 days. Please see this post for more info

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Can you describe what you are seeing in the app?

If you previously had a yearly license, and then purchased a lifetime license at some point then everything should be fine.

However, there are some cases where the receipt Infuse has from the App Store would only include the yearly license (which it sounds like it now expired). In this case, you can tap the Restore button which appears on the purchase prompt, and Infuse would check the App Store for any other purchases you have made.

No, I think his problem is like mine. I’m a Pro user (around 6 years) but now it get a prompt to purchase (free) the DTS add-on. I just accepted it a few hours ago to stop seen it lol

That is explained in the posts that @munpip214 linked to above.

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