Lifetime aTV flash for a reduced rate

Ladies & Gentlemen (& administrators, if necessary):

I purchased a lifetime aTV flash membership not too long ago ($80). I have 98 downloads left, with the membership said to expire sometime in 2037. I then realized Apple TV did not meet my needs and I returned it.

I’m wondering if anyone is interested in purchasing my rights to these aTV flash downloads/upgrades (thereafter you can change the account information – address, password, etc.). I would require $55. The first step in the process would be transferring $40 via Paypal. I would then send you the information necessary via e-mail to login. Then, after you get all the information, the last $15 would be transferred again via Paypal. If anyone is interested, please e-mail at me {EDIT}


C.B. McCarthy

Unfortunately the aTV Flash license is no transferrable. :frowning:

i just bought my lifetime atv2flash black from firecore but unfortunately i was not able to install the item. message no apple device found…is anybody can give me another way on how to install my atv2 flash to my jailbreak atv2 black thanks…