Licens exspires on monday - please connect to the internet to update


I found a old ipad which i want to use with infuse 6 pro. Home on wifi it works fine, but when i am out or on flightmode, it tells me that my licens will exspire on january 27 and that i should connect to the internet to update. I have done this many times. I also have reinstalled the app.

When looking in my subscribtions in iCloud, my monthly renewed subscribtion is valid until february 12.

What can I do ?

Sorry for the trouble.

Can you try downloading today’s 6.2.7 update? Downloading updates can help update the details with the App Store, which can help resolve issues like this.

Updating didn’t work :frowning:

I did a complete restore, DFU’ed the iPad and everything, it just moved the date to feb 2. (One week)

Are you using multiple Apple IDs or switching between App Store countries on your device by chance?

My licensen expired sunday, but it seems to work fine, så problem mayby not solved, but dissappeared :slight_smile:

But Im only using it on my own apple id, but have a family connected.

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