Library won't update

Ever since a few versions back (I think 2.1, maybe?), the library has stopped automatically updating itself. It works if I do a manual scan, but the automatic scan simply never happens. I’ve tried setting it do “weekly” and then back to “daily” but to no avail.

Is there any way to kick it into gear or make sure it’s in crontab or whatever I need to do?


Hmm, is your Apple TV getting powered off at all? I believe the scans are set to run at 3am daily, so you may just want to make sure the Apple TV is powered on at that point. Sleep mode should be ok.

No, there’s no time it goes into sleep mode, so it’s still awake at 3AM…


Is there any way to adjust the time when it sets? It’s be good if in a future version it could scan hourly…

We’ve had a few requests for hourly scans, so I think that will be something we add in an upcoming version.

In the meantime, would you mind sending in a bug report so we can check to see if anything stands out in the logs?