Library with multiples languages

I’ve be using Infuse for a few years and I’m quite happy with the product apart from the metadata fetching when dealing with multiples languages. Most of the movies and tv shows I have are in english but I also have a lot of content in french. I prefer the metadata (title , description) to be in the original language of the content.

Now every time I add content, I have to make sure that the metadata language setting in Infuse is configured properly before copying my movie to the proper shared folder. I find this quite cumbersome.

Is there a way to have the metadata language setting by favorite and not as a global setting? Currently I’m getting around this issue by using a plex server which let’s you set a different language on each of the folders you add to your library.

However, I would really like to get rid of my plex server and only use Infuse. Any thoughts or suggestions ?


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