Library view with local metadata?

is there a way to use the library view with the local metadata, embedded in the files?
The view of unseen tv shows doesn’t work for me with local metadata, only when I use the online metadata.

Thank you.

Library view currently relies on a number of items downloaded from TMDb/TheTVDb, so Metadata Fetching will need to remain enabled in order for items to be properly categorized.

With that said, if you also toggle on the Embedded Metadata option, Infuse will first look inside your files for any metadata it can find, and then use the online services to fill in any gaps.

Hi James,
thanks for the reply. I tried that but it doesn’t really work for me. The reason for my question was: if I use the online metadata some of the shown posters via are in other languages. I’m German and I would have no problem, if the cover shown would be the English one, but sometimes it shows Spanish ones or something else.
My files have a cover in the embedded metadata and actually I would prefer to see these ones. Maybe there’s a way to chose another cover via in a future version of Infuse or the ability to chose between local or online poster.

Hello, I also come from Germany.
In the settings of infuse, you have to place metadata in German at the bottom. Then you have all posters also in German.

Hi workstation,
I’ve set the language to German, but it doesn’t work here. It always shows the first cover you see on the site. I updated to Infuse 5 yesterday and made a new scan of the metadata, but I still see the Spanish cover. The name of the episode and the overview are shown correct in German, only the cover is wrong. I even uploaded a German cover on last week to check this out…
Maybe there’ll be a way to chose the cover as suggested in another post…

Trotzdem Danke!!! :slight_smile:

What film / series is it? Then I can try it.
Um welchen Film / Serie geht es denn? Dann kann ich das mal ausprobieren.

es geht um Murder in the first, Staffel 1. Hier wird das spanische Cover gezeigt. Komischerweise nicht in Staffel 2, da erscheint das englische…
Dank dir.

Du hast recht, es wird in Spanisch angezeigt. Wenn ich die Serie mit Media Elch scrappe, zeigt er auch als erstes die spanische Version des Covers an. Da kann man es aber ändern. Es scheint so, als wenn es ein Problem von TVDB ist. Der Fehler ist ja auf Plex, Media Elch und Infuse so. Bei TVDB scheint unter deutsch das falsche Cover angelegt zu sein. Bleibt nur noch die Lösung TVDB anzuschreiben.

You are right, it is displayed in Spanish. When I scrape the series with Media Elch, he also first shows the Spanish version of the cover. But you can change it. It seems as if it is a problem of TVDB. The error is yes on Plex, Media Elch and Infuse so. With TVDB seems to be under German the wrong cover to be. Remains only the solution TVDB to write.

Danke für’s ausprobieren, dann weiß ich wenigstens, dass es nicht an meinen Einstellungen liegt. Vielleicht kommt ja hier auch die Option, dass man das Cover auswählen kann.

Thanks for checking it out, at least now I know it’s not a problem in my settings. Maybe there’ll be an option to chose the poster in one of the coming updates.

I got one step further to this:
When I select a TV Show, it opens the season overview. Here is where I see the Spanish covers. Inside the season folder, where I select the episodes, I see the German cover. So don’t know where the bug is, but maybe it can be fixed :slight_smile:

Hi guys. Thank you for raising this problem. I would like to join to the topic. The same problem for TV Shows in Russian (in Poster View or Library View, doesn’t matter). In any case Infuse downloads the 1st cover placed in theTVDB, despite the rating, and it is absolutely impossible to correct it some how. I would be really appreciated to James’s team if they realize the possibility to correct it some how in the next releases.