library view - layout options?

Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before, I have looked but haven’t been able to find any threads (and I can’t see a search option…)

I’ve recently converted from using Kodi on a pc to an ATV 4k, and am used to having configuration options, choice of media view layouts as well as different skins - is there anything similar with infuse pro please?

Currently you can switch between a grid and list view via the option in Infuse > Settings.

Infuse will also follow the light/dark mode settings of the Apple TV which can be configured via Apple TV Settings > General > Appearance. Personally, I have mine set on Automatic, so it’s light during the day and dark in the evening.

James has recently added the search link to each page at the very top right. It’s also on the main forum page. :wink:

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That is something I would love to have as well. At least some different sizes for the grid. Something similar to this:

The first image looks ok. The other three look utterly hideous!

james, bullseye, thanks very much for the feedback :slight_smile: