Library view for IOS devices

I have 2 external drives that store my media. This means that I have infuse Pro pointing to a few different folders. This is okay on the Apple TV 4 because I can use the Library view but on the IOS devices I have to search through the different folders to find things. A Library view would help.


Library View on iOS is planned and in the works - it just needs to be implemented quite differently than what we currently have on the Apple TV.

Can’t wait. Thanks

Good news!

Still not implemented on iPhone? It would be awesome

Its been an year. A library view is still anticipated. It’d be nice to have it.

Yes, we’re anticipating having this available later this Spring. :wink:

still no library view …

In progress for 5.5…coming later this Spring. :wink:

Any update on Library View? Its nearly Summer?

Currently in progress, and we’re shooting to have it available in July. :wink:

Since I first asked about this let me also be the first to say thanks for the beta release that introduced this gorgeous single area view. ???

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