Library View and TV Series

Here I see several methods of filename conventions for the use of tv series. But I use a different scheme:

TV Shows/The Big Bang Theory

Season 1

S01E01 - Pilot.ext

S01E02 - The Big Bran Hypothesis.ext
S01E03 - The Fuzzy Boots Corollary.ext
S01E04 - The Luminous Fish Effect.ext

Is it possible to add that one?

I believe this should actually be working in the current version.

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP/DLNA by chance?

Nope. I just tried it and unfortunately it doesn’t.

I am not sure what you’re asking though. I use an Apple TV 4th Gen which is hooked up to the network. My main computer (a Mac Mini with a bunch of external drives) is serving as a media server and there the layout is as said (/Volumes/Entertainment/Series/The Big Bang Theory/Season 1… etc.). They all get thrown on the Other pile.

I just did a quick test here with those filenames and it was working well for me.

A few things to check.

  1. Metadata Fetching is ENABLED in Infuse > Settings (we also recommend keeping Embedded Metadata DISABLED).
  2. Check to see if Local Metadata is set for any folders. Do this by browsing through folders to find these episodes and ensure the words ‘Local Metadata’ do not appear in the top right. See attached for an example of what you don’t want to see.
  3. If Local Metadata is enabled for a folder, long-press on a folder icon and select the ‘Use Online Metadata’ option.

I’m sorry I was too quick. Apparently it put it on the Other pile to revisit later and handle it. After watching another show I revisited the Library View and then it suddenly had some 940 files in TV and 230 in Movies. It did make a bunch of mistakes though… Two Stupid Dogs with names like “201-a Stunt Dogs [Moonsong].avi” it put under a completely different TV show. I can imagine it can’t find that one but at least put it in the Other pile instead of TV Shows.


Infuse will start by lumping everything into the Other category while it scans through your items. As things are matched they will be moved out and placed into their respective areas. Infuse does need to be open and idle in order to complete its scan (at least for now).

With regard to the last title, 3 digit season/episode designations (201-a Stunt Dogs [Moonsong].avi) aren’t supported right now and Infuse will most likely try to match these as movies instead of TV shows. We may look at adding support for these in the future.

It was the name given in the download. When I am ready to watch it I always rename it to the SxxExx - Episode Title, as I hate these weird filenames.

Still not really impressed /Users/xxxx/Apple TV Extension/Dragon Riders Of Berk/Season 6/S06E01 - Defenders Of The Wing (2).mp4 and it is being detected as It should be I can rename the directory to Dragons and see what happens but I doubt it… Other files will not even get found and dumped in the Others category.

In order for Infuse to get accurate metadata the names have to be consistent (or at least close) to what is listed on TheTVDb. In this case, renaming the folder to ‘Dragons’ or ‘Dreamworks Dragons’ should give you the correct match.

Thanks, slowly but surely the while thing is shaping up okay. A few series I have renamed, like Doctor Who to Doctor Who (2005) and now the Others have diminished to some 100 files. One problem though is a tv series called Taboo. TMDB had the correct one, TheTVDB doesn’t even know of its existence. It’s there a way I can force TMDB you be used?

It looks like TheTVDb lists this as Taboo (2017).

lol… I use an iOS app called TV Chaser which also checks the, and that didn’t come up with it! Lesson learnt: I will check the source itself and not rely on a different app…

Thanks for the link

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In the version for tvOS 11.0 (15J5360b) public beta 5 , the button Library has disappeared that after the button favourites in the previous version everything was normal, how to return the library ???

I have a few more questions:

  • Is it possible to get a sort order on add-date. There is one in a descending order, so the latest add is first. I like to watch movies in order of adding so now I scroll to the end of the list and take that one. It would save to have the oldest on top…
  • Yesterday the series Halt And Catch Fire started again with a double episode. All downloads are combined, can I name it S04E01/02 or something like that? Idoubt it, but just asking before it gets sorted in Other again.
  • Attached are two listings from the “same library” (same folders are indexed). One is from my iPad, the other from Apple TV. How come the iOS version has a way different title? I expected the TV version, but instead I get this…

And to the thread hijacker: start your own thread instead of trying to take over mine…

That appears to be a Favorite.

Can you check to ensure the ‘Show Library’ option is enabled in Settings > Library?

The in-progress 5.5.3 update will handle recently added content better, and allow for Infuse to recognize actual file creation dates, instead of using dates based on when Infuse first scanned the file.

Also, the upcoming 5.6 update will include a new design for iOS which should provide a much better browsing experience in list view.

Stay tuned. :wink: