Library updates in the background

Theres a long list of preferred features that users would like. Since moving from Plex I absolutely love Infuse, especially its performance. The only qualm that I have is the library updating. This seems to take several minutes and ofcourse requires Infuse to be launched. For those that are not as tech savvy conclude the new content simply isn’t there.

finally in tvOS 11 a solution has been released. Apple has released Background Refresh and I am hoping Infuse can taken advantage of that and scrape new library content as it is added instead of the user being required to launch the app

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We plan to dig into the iOS 11 changes after the release or 5.5 in July.

If it’s possible, we’ll make it happen. :wink:

Sounds good thanks, and another iOS 11 beta tester here.

+1 for library updates in the background. If not possible, please consider immediate update at infuse start time, with option for configuring. We always go directly to the library, and it is always a pain when promised episodes do not show up until the update is complete. The sooner the better. Thank-you.

Is there a beta wait list / sign up for iOS 11 beta + Infuse beta?

Yep. :wink:

Hi James :slight_smile:

Maybe there is also a possibility to make some kind of “Background Caching”, to preload the Posters (Movies, TV-Shows) to avoid “white Covers”…?

Here is my Posting about this topic:

Has their been any progress with this? I really want to switch away from Plex, but this single issue keeps pushing me back :frowning:

With the addition of the refresh rate switching API finally being released, and the faint hope that bitstreaming might come to iOS in the future all my dreams would have come true . . .



That would be a nice feature yes. But what would be even better if it could update the library in the background on the AppleTV (always on and always connected to the network) in a way that it would be up to date on my iPhone too. I know Infuse uses iCloud but I don’t know to which extend. Updating the library on my iPhone can be slow due to network condition.