Library Updates crash

Since latest update I see my library updates do not get compete any more.

Receive error ,

Last Library scann is not been competed or is incomplete, die not finish.
If error exist further, pease contact firecore support.

Has any body an idear what is going wrong.

Was no issue until last 2.1 update.

I am receiving this same error after updating to 2.1 this morning.  I checked the library files and only some of my movies and music are showing up and none of the tv shows.  I would like to find a resolution to this as well.

We’ve released a minor update today that has a few fixes aimed at resolving a few file-specific issues that have been reported to cause problems during library scanning.

Can you try updating to see if this new version changes anything for you?


I have update , and the Apple TV is doing a check , to see what is on my network Drive.

Seems to work up to now. did not see an error turn up.


I will recheck and let You know , if something turns up again.

Thank You for Your reply.