Library update Problem

I use Infuse 6 on 2 AppleTv, Ipad and Iphone. My movies are stored on a QNAP.
I have a problem with my library.
My Library are not synchronized when I delete a film on my NAS. I keep seeing the movies in my list as they are deleted on my NAS
Thanx for your help

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Are you connected to your NAS using DLNA protocol or one of the other choices like SMB?

I have been noticing the same thing with media stored on google drive… I would remove (or move) media folders/files from my initial temp dir to my permanent folder (HD/4K.etc…) and when indexing occurs it still shows both copies and will not remove the copy that no longer exists on google drive… known bug? (I’m on v. 6.3.1-2950)

Since your problem isn’t on a local NAS you may want to start a new thread referencing that it’s on Google Drive that way the original posters thread doesn’t get hijacked and others that may have the same issue can find your post easier. :wink:

My apologizes… good point :slight_smile:
Just thought it may be the same issue happening on multiple fronts. I’ll open up a new thread , thanks!

I’m using SMB connection.

Are these appearing in your library, or just in playlists?

How are the videos being deleted, through Infuse or manually via the NAS?

Hello, These appeared in my library when i do a seach.
I have deleted the videos manually by the nas.
I cant delete video in infuse, it’s grayed out
Small precision the account used is read only on the nas.

I do not know if you have corrected the problem with an update but for a few days I have not encountered the problem! Thank you!

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