Library update option

Please add refresh button to the main screen (maybe beside settings). Refresh libraries option it’s buried several levels deep right now.

Just curious as to how often you are refreshing your library and what causes you to have to do that?

It seems to me that Infuse does that automatically the majority of the time and honestly I’ve never had to force a refresh. If you’re having to refresh your library often you may be having other issues and maybe the Infuse crew could help you figure out what’s going on.

For me during the day is fine, but if I’m watching stuff right after it’s recorded most nights I have to refresh after I watch something to get the newly recorded shows from my HDHomeRun to show up.

Its not ideal but you can put Library on the home screen and refresh from there.

I agree, refresh in Infuse needs a lot of work. Right now, it is tailored toward casual watcher or someone that doesnt really care when new things show up but for us that open the app to watch new content immediately, it is not very helpful.

For an example, I get a push notification that new show/movie is avilable, in order to watch it right then i have to force refresh, or sit and wait for the app to do it which can take a while.

I have an idea. I have library on the home screen. Why not to add library refresh to long press on Library image.

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