Library update in pending status

For a while now, my library update will go into pending status and it will not update unless I go to a different area of Infuse; I have to go from Library to Movies or TV Series and this might trigger the update.

A status of Pending means Infuse is waiting for iCloud to sync.

This usually only takes a few seconds, but can take longer depending on network conditions or the current status of iCloud.

Why would “Pending” show when you have iCloud sync turned off? I’m getting this frequently on an ATV4 that has iCloud Sync off and for example, just now it took a few seconds over 2 minutes showing pending before it started fetching.

Same issue here, I’d rather not have iCloud enabled on my device at all if at all possible, but regardless of whether it’s on or off, Infuse sits there saying “Pending” forever. It’s a pretty old device stuck on iOS 9.3.5 so it’s possible it’s just unsupported now?

Same here, have the latest “one time” pro version (5.8.6 (2307)) of the app, latest AppleTV update (12.0.1) and Infuse is always pending.
I finally gave up, uninstalled, restarted the AppleTV, reinstalled, guess what, still “pending”.
Makes no difference wreather iCloud Sync is on or off. Also, I have a 25Mb/s DSL connection iCloud can’t “always” be having connection issues or me having a slow connection.
No, infuse is borked and no one will do anything—so annoying.
Also, when I first installed months ago, it never did this, now it always does, so definitely something with infuse’s coding.
Will someone take responsibility and look into this? A once spritely product, now requires many minutes of waiting to use, EVERY, SINGLE, TIME!!

If you have a chance to send in a quick report from your Apple TV we’d love to look into this further, and see what may be going on.