Library update does not delete entries for some physically deleted folders

I added a folder movie on a local mac hardrive containing one subfolder with a movie. I added the main folder to the folders scanned for the library. infuse picked up the movie and added it to the library. Then I deleted the movie folder including all subfolders. Updating the library did not remove the entry from the library. Clicking on it for playback gives an error (as expected). Maybe infuse is confused if an added folder is completely deleted (and not just subentries) and then fails to remove the entries. I worked around this by removing the (non existent) folder from infuse scan list. Then updated the library. This removed the entry. But it should really have worked without doing this.

How did you update the library? Did you use the “Scan for Changes” or “Refresh metadata” buttons on the library screen?

I tried both. They did not work. Previously the movie resided in:

I had downloads/movies/ added as a file location to scan for files. So movies was listed under files below library on the main left screen.

Then I deleted the complete movies folder via finder so that downloads no longer contains any “movies” subdirectory .

Infuse still displayed fantastic movie as part of the library (e.g. all movies).

Neither updating the library nor updating the meta data removed fantastic movie from the library. Only when I removed movies as a favourite under files (and rescanned), fantastic movie was removed from the library. The expected behaviour is that a scan of the library would notice that the movies folder is no longer existing and thus all movies it contains should be removed from the library.

Maybe one could make the case that current behaviour is ok for unstable network shares - so that the library does not have to be rebuilt for the movies if the unstable network shares comes online again. If this is the rational then I would suggest a warning when rescanning with a small note that some folders seem to be missing and an option to keep or remove those items from the library.

Did you actually delete the movies from the drive or just move them? If on Mac did you also empty the trash before you scanned for changes?

Are you saying the downloads folder was never included in the library, and since you moved “fantastic movie” up into the downloads folder, you shouldn’t see it?

What then is your new shared folder?

If it is “downloads”, then anything in downloads will be displayed. Or do you not have ANY shared folder anymore?

This is correct. If a share is disconnected (as networked and cloud shares often may be), Infuse won’t just delete all the metadata files in it because you didn’t remove the share from the library. It does this so it doesn’t need to rebuild the library when the source is reconnected.

Some users’ shares exist on portable hard drives plugged into computers or routers; which often go to sleep; or which users swap out for others when they want to watch content on a different portable…


If this is intended behaviour, it’s far from intuitiv and obvious.

  1. When clicking on that movie for playback it just yields an obscure error numerical message. I would strongly suggest a clearly worded error message saying “the share the movie resides on is currently offline”.
  2. When manually scanning , I would suggest a small warning saying “some movies can’t be scanned because share xy is offline”
  3. Currently there is no way to tell what share a movie is on. The full path info should be added to the movie info screen (or be accessible through a menu) . Even if you click on files on the left side of the main library window you cannot get that info readily if you have deeply nested folders. Or at least I did not find a way to obtain the full patch of a movie.
  4. Maybe this behaviour should not extend to local folders on the machine infuse is running on. These are always online.

These are good suggestions. I have myself hoped for the addition of either a longer time-out period or a useful status message when Infuse is unable to connect to my NAS (and throws an error) because my NAS generally takes just a moment too long to respond when waking up from an unspun state.

If there isn’t already a related thread in the suggestions forum (which is how Firecore judges the popular demand for any new features or enhancements), you might want to create one.

Infuse’s Library feature is designed so such concerns as file location become irrelevant — its goal is to gather up all of your content, wherever it might be located, and present it all to you in an attractive and easily accessible manner.

For users who are very familiar (and perhaps very particular) with how their media content is organized, Infuse offers an alternative Folder Browser interface.

I believe you are correct in that it’s not currently possible in Infuse to click a given video and have Infuse tell you where it is located (at least on AppleTV, iOS, and tvOS — but you can navigate to the folder locations where you suspect it might be, and find it there (… or not).

Video filenames are always shown in full on Library details pages.

I suspect enabling the display of the full server and folder path location to every file would not be a very popular edition (given those who care likely either already know, or don’t have control of the servers their content lives on and thus wouldn’t benefit from knowing).

Further, I can’t see there even being enough room to display such info on any Infuse-enabled device, excepting perhaps the Mac.

If I plug my Passport drive into my laptop’s USB port, isn’t that considered a local folder?

It might be hard for Infuse to distinguish. I prefer it err on the side of caution and not delete any of my files’ metadata without it confirming with me that’s what I really wanted.

I frequently update my folder organization as my content library grows, and occasionally rename the folders and media files within en masse whenever I come up with a more ‘clever’ customized naming format.

When Infuse runs a “check for changes” afterword, it generally adapts without me having to do anything — I’m assuming it doesn’t need to redownload the metadata if I’ve only moved the file (instead simply updating its database to link to the new location), or if a quick query to TMDB identifies the newly renamed file as the match to a title previously imported into my library.

When I want to force Infuse to start from scratch (with regard to reacquiring metadata and images), I’ll either delete the entire metadata cache (in Settings) or uncheck favorited folders from the shares listed on the Library / Add Files tab. It takes almost no time at all.

If I’ve misunderstood, my apologies.

Adding new behavior re: share/file handling would be another of those things you’d want to create a suggestion thread for and hope enough other folks support your idea.

To be clear, it sometimes feels as if no amount of popular support is enough to get some new features added — there might be insurmountable technical hurdles required; or Firecore might simply not want to move in the suggested direction — its not always possible to say. But the suggestion threads are pretty much the best thing we’ve got to provide our feedback. And Firecore, to their credit, presumably reads them all.

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