Library syncing issues

I have Infuse linked to Real Debrid via Webdav.
For the past week or so my library does not stay synced. Well to preface, really about 6 months ago the issues first started. I noticed new titles never showed up unless I went to settings, library,and hit scan for changes. Never had to do that before, it did it by itself. Well I’ve gotten used to that ritual.

Now, not only am I always scanning for changes to get new titles, but I have to do it multiple times to finally get everything back I already had. This takes like 7-8 mins each scan so it’s pretty annoying. To top it off I literally cant do anything else while it’s scanning. If I go to watch something else on infuse or go to a different app on the apple tv, then come back later, it picks right back up where it was in the scan process, it won’t even run in the background anymore, I have to sit on that screen and let it do its thing; which is kind of boring lol.

So as a example, I have about 650 titles. For the past week or so, every time i go to infuse for the first time each day, it may say i have 240. Run a scan, it jumps to 380, run another scan, 452, run another scan and it finally hits 650 and I can finally see new titles I have added and all of the old ones I already had. That’s 30-40 mins everyday waiting for this thing to get back to where it was the day before, just to watch something.
Is this a new/known issue, or just a issues I am experiencing?

If you are able to replicate the issue and send in a report (and post the code here), it would help us get a better idea of what is going on.