Library sometimes stuck on pending

I’ve had this happen twice now on macOS.

I unfortunately don’t have exact steps to reproduce this issue, but when I remove an file that was added via link, and then quickly add a new one the library sometimes gets stuck in a “pending” mode. This means clicking on Scan changes does nothing, the HDDs on my NAS don’t make any sound. I don’t know if syncing with iCloud works, it does say “syncing with iCloud” for a couple seconds and then it goes back to pending.

Restarting the app does not work (not sure if Infuse exits fully or continues with a background process), the only thing that helps in this case is full reboot of my Mac.

This was with both Version 7.7.1 and Version 7.7.2.

I was just able to reproduce it again, I clicked on scan changes, deleted something from my links library and now it got stuck in “pending”.

Only thing I can do now is restart my Mac.