Library smart filters

4.2 is an excellent update to what is, in my mind, the best video player in the Apple ecosystem.

Suggestion: For the new Library view, it would make sense to add also Director and Actor smart filters. As you collect the metadata, I would imagine this could be a quite easy-to-make enhancement.



Good idea! :slight_smile:

I’d love to see this too, particularly a Director smart filter.

I agree with Jordan’s comments that Infuse is a brilliant video player.

I would also like to see Sort by Actor option. And to take it one step further, Smart Folders where the user can create their own filters (whether by Actor/Director, Genre, Release Range or any combination of metadata) and file movies in those filters.

For example, I would love to be able to create a Smart Folder with movies where Sidney Poitier acted.

Yes, me too. My very large library could really use smart folders.

Actually… taking it a step further and also make it possible to combine existing filters with “boolean expressions” (already exists in Kodi called smart-playlists). That way you can create a shortcut “folder” to whatever you like on the infuse front-page. eksampel: have them jump directly to: “all movies” but not “cartoon” etc…

Just saying that Filter by Director is still a much needed addition to the wonderful Library function on Infuse tvOS.

Please add to the roadmap!

I think a more general sort would be useful. I’d like to sort by movie duration for example. Maybe I want to watch something short; right now, I have no way to sort by duration. The list view shows the duration, but no way to sort (and not as nice to look at). I also sometimes would like to sort by genre within a folder. I’d also like the ability to add meta data (for example, if the movie is part of a top 250 list) and be able to search on that. Sorting by director would also be great.

Old topic I know. I would also like to sort by duration just like cinephile. Creating a sort of “smart” library view with all sorts of filter and sort options for the view would be welcome (sort of like smart playlists in iTunes)

A smart filter option is a great idea.
I see it’s listed under suggestion, but it been there for a couple years.
We know if we were going to get this option, it would be included is a recent update if it was a priority.
Infuse is great as we know, but this little request would make it greater still.

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I would love to see Smart Folders where the user can create their own filters (whether by Actor/Director, Genre, Release Range or any combination of metadata) and file movies in those folders which can be named/titled by the user.

For example, I would love to be able to create a Smart Folder with movies where Sidney Poitier acted. I have over 1,500 movies.


I have been always a huge fun of Infuse, but since I have received a TV Box, I am now also “discovering” Kodi world. I have to say that Infuse is great for working with google drive, something it can be tricky to do so in a TV box (coreelec or rooting, rclone, etc…).

Having a huge preference on Infuse over Kodi, there are sure quite things we might learn from Kodi, and in this case, I am writing about Smart Playlist.

Basically, you can build a list with all avaible data you have of your movies… lets say year, genre, folder, actors, studio, rating, etc, etc… basically you will be able to “mix” all kind of things to refine your movie list and have for example: “Animated movies from 1970 to 1990 from Disney contained in Local Folder MicroHD”

That is something it can be done with Kodi in a few clicks, and would be impossible at this momento in Infuse. I really think it will be a great feature.


Its possible if you use Plex Shares

I like Infuse since I don’t need to use any plex server, vps, or whatever. If the solution to have smart playlist is no have plex, then I wouldn’t need Infuse for anything… so… I think it would be great for Infuse to implement those capabilities by itself, not depending on other programs.

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Plex is not simply another program but a different concept (server) that allows to be platform independent.
In this way you can use TvOS and Android tv at the same time with the player of your choice.
I n my case Inffuse for Apple products (Apple TV and iPad) and Kodi (with Plex plugin) for others.
On Android TV even the Plex Player is quite good .
Everything is integrated and works very smoothly.

Let’s try not to hijack the thread with other options. This a suggestion area and the OP has already stated their desire and purpose for their suggestion is for Infuse to handle the feature instead of having to work with an additional software tool.

Would love to see a content discovery feature for those of us with larger libraries. In other words, maybe some “smart categories” that could go on the main screen, similar to streaming services such as Netflix, i.e. “Crime Documentaries,” “Recommended for you,” or “High-rated comedies” etc etc. Would make sharing our libraries through Plex/Jellyfin and Infuse a much better experience.

Especially now at Christmas time it would be cool if Infuse would create a list which suggests movies suitable for the season (now Christmas).

Maybe Infuse could also suggest movies that you don’t own but would fit the season. Maybe this would create an interesting “community”, which would make watching movies/TV shows even more exciting.

In general it would be a great feature if Infuse would suggest movies that you don’t have in your library yet but others with similar “movie taste” liked.

Similar to multi-criteria, I would love an editorial selection of movies based on “smart” decisions. For example:

  • Movie released on that day
  • Comedy (or %genre%) of the week (based on unseen comedy / %genre%)
  • Must watch (random selection from the unseen TOP 50)
  • Watch again (random selection from the viewed TOP 50)
  • Featured collection (based for collection with unseen movie inside)

It would add some “life” with elements updating on daily and weekly basis, and invite to discover unseen movies.

Based on simple rules only, no need to get external data. And each new release could offer new “smart” rules, for more surprise :slight_smile:


Another one you could add is watch again: movies I haven’t watched in the last X number of years.

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