Library/shares suddenly disappearing before my eyes

I un-slept my Apple TV today, revealing infuse where I had left it (watching a TV episode) last night. Then as I backed out of that episode/season, the page of seasons it was in turned to ‘Empty’, then as I backed out of that page, the next turned to ‘Empty’ until my entire library was empty/showing the ‘Welcome to INFUSE’/’+ Add’ screen. I checked settings and my share (a webdav connection) was indeed suddenly gone.

I then opened the app on iOS, and same thing happened — on first load, everything was as it should be, in fact a couple new shows showed up, then suddenly my whole library disappeared, and in settings I no longer have any shares.


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Just tried to re-add the share and getting ‘unable to connect to server’. So maybe there’s something up with webdav. Regardless, error connecting to a share that’s already added shouldn’t remove it/clear my library.

And… nope. Nothing wrong with webdav. Hmm…

It’s adding fine now. Think that was a red herring

Check this thread Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc

Same issue here, I have to keep adding the library and favourite folders frequently. I am on version 5.71 Pro, like the new slogan says it’s magic. Hopefully it does not try to delete my library. Just in case I setup the 4 digit passcode but I would prefer at least 8 digit.

It seems the most reliable solution is to add the share in Infuse using the IP address of the file server. Which must be static in the file server for obvious reasons.

This issue was actually caused by iCloud read the Firecore updates here Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc - #47 by james

Actually, the post above yours by jedgarau referencing Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc has better info since Firecore has modified the first post to include updates on the issue with links to the pertinent posts in that thread as well as what to do in the meantime until a final outcome is known.