Library Screen Never Stops Pending

HI everything was working fine yesterday on ver 6.5.4 Infuse Pro on AppleTV
I could play movies without issue. Now when I go to the Library Screen under the Last Updated info section it just continually says Pending even after 2 hours. Also when I select a movie like normal the movie will try to start with a black screen but then you just get that spinning wheel that infuse displays and the movie will never start . I thought it might be my NAS but Infuse works perfectly on both my iPad and iPhone it just seems like the issue is with the app on the AppleTV. I really don’t want to reinstall the app on the apple TV because I have all kinds of playlists created for the stored movies. Is the playlist some kind of TXT file that can be backed up.
Thank you for your help

What happens when you click on the scan for changes button?

Do you have the share info for your NAS connecting to a name or to an IP number? if by IP number it may have changed for some reason. Maybe the router reassigned the NAS a new address.

When I select the scan for changes button nothing really happens under the last updated it still says pending. I use the name and not the IP for the NAS connection. IMG_6218

Go into the settings under Library and see what it shows.

It finally finished scanning and I can now play movies but under “recently added movies there’s double the artwork and when the app was scanning I noticed it counted double of the movies I physically stored
Any chance I can export my playlist?

Playlists aren’t currently exportable to a file. I believe they are stored on iCloud though.

As to the doubles, do you have multiple copies of these like one copy on one share and a duplicate copy on another? If you look at the line below the star rating, time, rating, year, etc you’ll see where it show where that movie is stored? look at both icons and see where the other is stored. Your pic shows that one copy of crank is on movieMP4 share, so select the other icon below and see if that’s not located on your MyCloud. If they are mirrors of each other you can deselect one on the library screen where they have a check mark next to it and it should only show one in the library then.

Thank you so much NC_Bullseye the files were mirrored so I deselected the mirror and everything works \ looks as expected thank you again for taking the time to help me out

You’re very welcome! Glad you got it working. :smile:

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