Library scan schedule

Hi All,

Is there a way to change the time the library scan kicks in.? 

I’ve set the scan frequency to “daily” which results in a scan at exactly 03:00 evey night, not a major issue but its waking up my NAS from deep sleep doing so, something I try to avoid if possible (

Looking for ways to customise fetch schedule, any insight or guidance is highly appreciated (besides setting the update schedule to “never”)


Mental note to self: tinker before asking…

Found it ; in Infuse frappaliance I’ve found AutoIndexingOptions.plist which has the scheduler.


How to edit that file?


How to edit that file?


Depending on the platform you're on (Mac/PC) there are various plist editors , do a Google search and pick any. easiest way is to transfer the file to your desktop and edit and restore.