Library scan - exclude Featurettes

Hi, I just bought lifetime subscription as an update from standalone pro versions 4 and 5. I decided to add all the movies from shared drives to my library using the Library → Scan for changes. Unfortunately this way also contents of Featurettes directories are added, which causes multiple issues. Movies called “Deleted Scenes” pop up with its cover I’d rather not have multiple times, thousands of files are wrong parsed and just cluttervthe lists. I’ve sorted the same problem with Kodi by adding a file called .nomedia into each Featurettes directory. Could you please add an option to ignore directories with user specified name ( Featurettes) and/or ignore directories with .nomedia file in them completely? Thank you.

This suggestion is already running here Extra Movie features

You can add your support there if you like.

Thanks for the link. That other topic is almost two years old though and still no solution. I’m not using Plex, just a simple share (smb) but one fix should solve it for all the shares. I really don’t get it why it takes so long to add this rather very simple feature.

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