Library resets to zero content after automatic scan for changes!

Hi Firecore team,

I just installed aTV Flash V2.1 on my Apple TV (2nd gen) yesterday.  After my Apple TV rebooted, I went into Media Player > Settings > Manage Library.  I then set “Scan Frequency” to “Daily” and selected my media server at the top.  The Media Player proceeded to build up my library.  After a while, it finished and all of my items did show up in my library.  This morning, I just checked Media Player > Settings > Manage Library.  “Last Update” is listed as “January 13, 2013 3:00 AM”.  So, it did update last night.  The number of Movies, TV Shows and Audio Tracks is back to 0, however!  This problem happened in aTV Flash V2.0 (each release of it) but you never fixed the annoying problem!

This makes the Library feature useless to me!

I just submitted my diagnostic info to you (Apple TV  Serial# DCYGCMZ4DDR5).