Library refreshing

One of the biggest issues I have with Infuse is you have to manually refresh the library to see the new shows added. It happens on pretty much every platform. I use Emby.

When I use the Emby app, as soon as the show is added the show shows up in Emby but in Infuse I have to physically click on the refresh to see it. Anyway this can happen automatically as soon as the show gets added?

Well in my case it is not true, the library refreshes automatically straight after launching the app. I use Jellyfin as media server


My library sits on my QNAP NAS. Refresh is instant when I launch the app after adding something to the NAS.

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Strange mine does not refresh on Apple TV, it is only when I go off the app or physically refresh it. Sometimes, it refreshed but like after 5 or 10 mins after Emby already has refreshed. Same for the Desktop app. The server is not on my NAS but in a data center.

Are you using Emby as the media server or using Infuse directly as a share? A bit different if thats the case

Infuse will not refresh as soon as other services have refreshed. I believe Infuse refreshes upon start up, maybe every hour, and sometimes in the background. Otherwise you can do it manually.

Hmm thats not very good. Which means if there is a new show out I have to manually keep refreshing to watch that show. One of the reasons I got Infuse is it has good fast forwards etc. Guess will need to stick with Emby in this case. Just wish the synching was quick.

Seems to depend on how your library is connected. I have it on an SMB mount (QNAP NAS) and Infuse will see updates when I navigate in the app as the updates happens on the server.

No media server, just a direct SMB share. I tried a few media servers but they put load on the QNAP CPU (older NAS and weak CPU, fine for file sharing though). The SMB share doesn’t. A friend is using an Apple Time Capsule to share files to Infuse on Apple TV, also updates instantly.

See the thing is my server is offsite not on a NAS and I use EMBY to serve the media and since Infuse has Emby that it integrates with, I would think it would be seamless and sync actively when there are updates to the Emby Media server

If you can create an SSH tunnel to the remote NAS maybe you could try with securely mount it via SMB or SFTP and see if it behaves differently? I have no experience with EMBY.

Just looked at EMBY’s site, they have both ATV and macOS clients. Do they behave the same?

Yeah I use EMBY for both Mac OS and ATV. The second the tv show file shows up on the server , Emby updates in real-time.

Do you have the InfuseSync plugin installed on your Emby server?

This will make updates much faster from Emby (and Jellyfin).

Oh ok. I havent installed that plugin. I will do that and revert. Thanks

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I just checked. Yes its installed. Ver 1.3.3