Library question from a new user

Hi. I would like your guidance please. Using latest Pro version with tvOS 12 latest public beta. My library consists of two major folders, Movies and Series. Each movie or movie collection (all the Avengers for example) are at separate folders and subfolders. Same with TV series, a folder for each series with season 1, 2 etc subfolders. I use MediaElch to download posters, fanart, thumbnails and to create the necessary .nfo files, all stored locally. My ATV4K is connected via gigabit ethernet to my PC, where from I stream the video files. My questions:

1: In order to use ONLY my local .nfo files as metadata, I have to disable in settings the Metadata fetch option and leave only Embedded Metadata on?

2: On the homescreen I have created two favorites folders, Movies and Series. With long press, I have selected to use Local Metadata instead of Online.

3: In Library, Infuse scans for my material and I have some issues there. First of all, it recognizes my movies but none of my TV episodes, it sees them as Other files. As a result, on my homescreen I get only recently added movies whereas there should be the recently added episodes too right? Moreover I have an art issue. Movie collections are not alphabetically sorted with the rest of the movies and there is no image for the collection folder, only the info and the art for the movies once I enter the collection folder. Is there any way to add one? Moreover, same thing applies for TV series, I only get some kind or art and info only if I go inside a season folder and pick an episode. Everything before that is an ugly grey folder UI.

Thanks for your time!

We generally recommend leaving the Metadata Fetching option enabled, as it will allow you to access some of the advanced features in Infuse like Library and search, but if you prefer to use only your own metadata and folder organization that works too.

  1. Disabling Metadata Fetching will prevent Infuse from searching TMDb/TheTVDb for info about your files. However, this can actually be used in conjunction with your NFO files. When NFO files/local artwork are present, Infuse will use those first and only query the online databases to fill in any missing gaps. This allows you to use your own info with features like Library.

  2. Long-pressing and selecting Use Local Metadata is the same as turning off Metadata Fetching and enabling Embedded Metadata. However, having it available on a per-folder basis allows you to keep fetching enabled for movies and TV shows, and have it disabled for things like home videos.

  3. You may check to ensure you are using one of the supported TV show naming styles, as these are used to allow Infuse to determine if something is a movie or a TV show. Metadata 101 – Firecore However, as I mentioned, with Metadata Fetching disabled you won’t have access to the Library features/categorization available in Infuse.

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Thanks for the answer! All right, I will enable fetching and online search then for my movies and series folders and let it do a full library scan again. Will check the episode naming too and hopefully will get some proper artwork too! Will return if something goes wrong.

Edit: My episodes filename is like “Altered Carbon - S01E01 - Out of the Past”. I guess it’s OK…

OK I followed your instructions, Infuse checked my library but I have the following issues as you can see in the attached files.


A few movie collections have an artwork on their parent folder. Most of them have nothing. just the grey folder icon. Most of the artwork is of 1000x1500 resolution when scrapped with MediaElch, some maybe a little more. What can I do in that case?


Same issue. Some parent folders don’t have the poster, some do. Same with subfolders with seasons, each season should have its own poster. Finally, regarding the episodes, I want to see each episodes thumbnail as an artwork and not the season’s poster. Any solution here too?

Finally, some general questions. If I enable or disable collections in settings doesn’t appear to have an effect on my library. Is there a way to see all movies without movies included in collections or sets? Moreover, is there more ways to see my library apart from list or not? Thanks again for all your help!

It looks like you may be browsing through normal folders, and not the Library.

Can you try accessing your videos through the Library option on the home screen? Collections are only available when browsing via the Library.

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Yup that was it, thanks! OK, everything scrapped OK and portrayed beautifylly, it’s the most tidy and well organised list view I’ve seen if I may say so, great job!
3 final questions and I am done:

1: Can I change the art for collections? It has great picks, but in case I want to add my own instead of Infuse choosing automatically.
2: How can I add a movie to an existing collection? For example, I got all my star wars movies in one collection, but Rogue One is left out, most probably because it is a star wars story and not a movie on the main saga. How can I change that and add it with the rest?
3: And finally, on the top row for recently added items, I have observed that Infuse picks the latest modified items instead or latest inserted. For example, I may add 3 new movies to my library and move an old one from one folder to another. Recently added will show my old movie first, ahead of the 3 new ones. Is there any way to fix that please?

In any case, thanks for the answers and the great job on the app, it is really beautiful and tidy, looking forward to further developments in the future and /pray for Philips Hue Ambilight support, would be freaking awesome. Thanks again for your time!