Library only updates when entering "Library"

I’ve noticed that if you just start infuse and wait on the home screen, the library won’t update. I have to go into Library to get things rolling. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

I thought infuse was supposed to scan in the background as long as no video was playing.

Correct, Infuse will update your Library as long as the app is open and no video is playing. However, upon entering the Library, the indexing animation will appear to ‘start’, even though the process has already started.

You can also check scanning status through Settings > Library.

hmm, ok but it really seems that nothing gets indexed until I go into the “library”. I can be at the home screen for quite some time and nothing seems to happen.

It works. I wondered the same thing until I monitored my WiFi connection to the ATV and as soon as Infuse launched it started hitting the LAN and net even though the home screen showed nothing going on.

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