Library not updating?

Hi there,

I added a new movie to a network SMB and it’s not showing up in the Library, despite showing up if I navigate to the folder itself, and despite me pressing ‘scan for changes’.

Additionally, I noticed that every time I go to the Library settings, on the left hand side it tells me Infuse is downloading hundreds of thumbnails. This is happening all the time though, so what is it doing? Immediately deleting the thumbnails as it gets them?

It’s disappointing to see Infuse is not working as well as only a few days ago when I first set it up. Initial set up was fine, I just added the SMB share, chose the folders, and my library was instantly filled.

While I’m at it, is there any quicker way to access the Library? It’s quite cumbersome to Launch App → ‘Library’ → 'Movies → ‘All Movies’ every time.

I am using the latest Infuse 5 Pro.

Have you tried any of the different SMB settings? Some find the “Legacy” setting works better for some set ups.

Second, you can make the Library All Moves a favorite and show on the home screen by long pressing on the “All Movies” library and selecting “Add” under “Add to Favorites”


Thanks for your reply. As it turns out, rather unusually this movie was compressed, so that explains why it didn’t find it!

However, whilst Infuse acknowledged the new movie now that it has been extracted, (and it downloaded all metadata), it’s still only accessible from the network share direct. It doesn’t show up in the library. Presumably this is not an SMB issue?

It may have to go through an update cycle before it shows in the library. If it’s showing in the share you can also check in the “Other” library after the update completes and see if it’s hiding there.