Library not updating

Hasnt updated completely in the last 25 days. Let the update run for over 30 minutes and still updating thumbnails. This is not an initial update and I have not deleted metadata

I have 179 movies, 902 TV episodes and 54 others.

On the most current version on infuse and Apple tv4.

Similar problem, but mine does eventually update but only after I have been on the app for a while manually telling it to scan for changes. Using SMB to connect. The fact that it doesn’t seem to update automatically when changes happen is a big downer for me, otherwise I would really enjoy the app. Hopefully someone can come back with a definitive answer.

Have you ever seen the ‘Last Update: xxx’ status in Infuse? This indicates at least one full scan has been completed.

Also, do you have the Embedded Metadata option enabled by chance? Having this enabled will slow down how fast Infuse is able to index the Library, so we recommend keeping it off.

Thanks James, will switch off the embedded data option and see if it makes a difference.