Library not updating when on cellular

I can’t get infuse to update the library/sync iCloud on my iPhone while being on 4g. Whereas, when I connect my iPad to my personal hotspot the iPad library updates without issue. I’m connected via Plex, but I was experiencing the same issue before when I was connecting via my VPN using SMB. Should be an easy fix to allow infuse to connect to the server while using 4g.


This is expected right now, as we didn’t want Infuse to automatically start burning through your data right when you open it.

However, we’ll soon be adding the ability to manually trigger an update while on 4G/LTE.

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Good to hear :relaxed: Would you consider adding a toggle to activate automatic syncing as well? I have unlimited data so nothing I have to worry about.

Thanks James!

This should now be working in the 5.7.5 update which was released today. :slight_smile:

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