Library not synchronizing with trakt

I have an Apple TV 4K and I installed Infuse. I logged in trakt, and then I added my TVShows library located on my NAS.
The problem is that all the TV shows appear as “Unwatched” whereas on trakt most of them are actually “Watched”
It’s as if trakt is not synchronizing with my library.

Any ideas?

Are you using the Library to browse these shows, or just normal folders?

Has Infuse had a chance to complete an updated scan since added your shows/logging into Trakt. You can trigger a scan and check the status through the Settings > Library menu.

Ok you were right, I was using folders not library. Now that Im using the library, I have indicators, but everything is marked as unwatched. And most of the shows are actually watched.

I logged off trakt and logged in again. I also went to settings > library and scanned for changes. That pulls changes from NAS though. I dont see any trakt activity.

Is there a way to manually invoke a trakt sync?




Note: Sending data to your Trakt account (scrobbling) is available in all versions, but syncing data from your account to other devices (2-way sync) is only available in Infuse Pro.

Does this mean that I have to buy infuse pro, to have 2-way sync? Currently only infuse can send updates to trakt, but can’t pull updates from trakt?

Yes, that’s correct.

Syncing watched history from Trakt is a Pro feature.

Alright James, you got me!

Of course, Pro includes some other great things too. :slight_smile:

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