Library not seeing my TV shows.

I have 2 New Apple TV 4s. One 32GB other 64GB. My 32GB finds all movies and TV shows perfectly for the library. My 64GB finds all movies but throws all my TV shows into the “Other” folder. Both Apple TV’s are pulling from the same NAS. If I add TV shows as favorite i can play my TV shows but the metadata doesn’t show due to not being able to see it as a TV show being added to the “Others” in library. Is there something i need to click on or off to get my 64GB Apple TV to see my TV Shows like my 32GB Apple TV? Folder structure is right as the 32GB one is adding all metadata for every season on every TV Show and is showing in Library as TV Episodes just my 64GB one isn’t.

Are you connecting via the same method (SMB vs UPnP/DLNA) on both devices?

In some cases, filenames may appear differently depending on how you are connecting to your NAS.


I was able to fix this. I was connected the same way for both down to the tee. I just deleted and reinstalled infuse app and reloaded from the ground up and let it rebuild itself back up. All is working right now. Thank you for following up.