Library mode with Plex

Hi, I really want to try library mode with Plex , but it’s a bit confusing

  1. Do I have to favourite the folders inorder for it to be scanned , I just have a tick and it’s stuck at “ fetching content “

  2. Will it scan anytime I turn on my infuse app ( cuz I have over 12000 video files and it keeps long to update)

Anyone who has been successful can help me with this


:face_with_monocle: Wouldn’t the Direct mode be more appropriate for you?

Yeah, it works well…just want to try how it works also.

There are a lot of variables that make one or the other better for different users. Library size, multiple sources, need to browse off line, etc.

I for one would love to see an exhaustive decision chart as it would like new users adoption easier.