Library mode and some feature requests

First of all let me say well done on rolling out the new library mode, I’m using it a lot more than I expected. It’s also been keeping me away from Plex despite being a Premium subscriber there.

It’s allowed me to download episodes for shows that I’m currently watching off a windows server much much more easily. I can also see how you guys “paint the back of the fence” by observing how the app actively fetches data from trakt before even showing a card to the user.

Some feature requests (if not on your backlog already):

  • Actively scan remote servers for new episodes when opening a tv series, currently I have to go to file mode to “refresh” for new files.
  • Automatically sync a certain number of unfinished and unplayed episodes in a TV series
  • Option to toggle a “TV mode” for metadata fetching, currently I have to rename the files in a TV series format which is fine, but a hassle as I have to go to the server to do it.
  • subtitle support (.ASS) for PIP <— I know this would be very challenging, but would be nice to have
  • A macOS app would be great

Keep up the good work guys!

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We’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying the new update so far.

In response to your questions.

  1. Infuse should actually be auto-scanning your shares when opening the app. If needed you can also trigger a scan manually through the Library Settings menu (tap Library icon in top right corner). The Library icon will animate whenever Infuse is currently scanning something.

  2. We’re hoping to look into some auto-syncing options for a future update.

  3. Can you provide a bit more info about how your shows are named? Infuse supports most of the common naming styles, which are outlined here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

  4. Unfortunately we’re pretty limited with what we can display in PiP, and styled subs is simply not possible at this time.

  5. I’ll pass along the suggestion. :wink:

Love the suggestions! Regarding the library scan: Do you also scan the library while a show/movie is playing? I feel that the library does not update when I’m watching but I could be mistaken. Also, is there a way to update the library as a background process (might be too resource intensive, I know, but a man can dream…)?