Library keep reporting empty?

I have the latest pro version on my applrtv (5.5.3)

I have 3 shared folders connected from my synology NAS using NFS. TV Shows, Movies and Kids. I can open each of the favourites to browse inside them, although takes a long time to open the movie folder as it contains 100 of movies.

I am able to view a play from all of these okay. When I go to the library I can then see all the movie and tv shows grouped. Then every now and again the library reports empty? Nothing to show.

I then navigate back to the Movie and Kids favourite folders and all the movies come back and they re appear in the library. The TV shows however do not come back unless I look inside each tv show individually. Very slow and annoying process that I have now had to do several times.

I have sync turned off in case it is getting confused with the version running on my pad

Why does the library keep reporting empty?


This is now becoming rediculous and making the app unusable. Yet again library just reporting “empty folder move along, nothing to see here”


I then go into my movie folder, wait for it to update till I can see all the the thumbnails. Go back out, now go to library and the movies are there. Do the same for TV Shows, but have to look in every TV Show for it to be registered in the library.

I bet when I come back tomorrow the library will say empty folder again.


What am I doing wrong?

I’ve found one thing that caused this with my set up and that is the machine where the shares were went to sleep and it didn’t wake fast enough for the library scan so it saw no files. After the wake process the library again could see the files.

Slow waking NASs and computers seem to not play well.


Thanks for the reply. If only it was my NAS sleeping. Unfortunately not. I had my library all back running again. Finished watching an episode of one series. Came out of the library view to the main menu, went back into library, looked at the movies, decided not to watch one and went back to the TV Shows in the library and it reported empty again. Came out of tv shows, went to look at the movies, that too came back empty. This was all within literally a minute of the first episode ending.

Please, why? Is this just a bug or is there a setting I am missing?

I know this may sound strange but when was the last time you restarted your NAS? I had a similar issue once and a restart cured it. The NAS itself when I was having issues was experiencing a directory loss but not constant. It had been up for a loooooooooong time and had experienced a directory corruption of some sort but the restart fixed the issue.


My NAS updated itself last month so will have rebooted then. Just to be on the safe side I did another restart.

Unfortunately made no difference. I got the library view all working and showing. Viewed all movies, which it did okay then decided to view recently added, at which point it showed an empty library, nothing to show here. When I selected all movies that then came back empty too.

So annoying?

I’m using a Synology NAS running the latest OS and firmware. I’m connected to the Apple TV using NFS so should no okay?

When things play they are superb it’s just the library that keeps resetting back to empty all the time.


Think I have found out what is happening, but can’t stop it.

In the library view, at the bottom it says “last update” when this says “pending” and then “updating” as soon as it finishes the update the library reports empty. Problem is, I can’t tell i5 not to update. This seems to be random?

I can manually trigger an update by selecting that text, but can’t prevent it from happening on its own. Considering nothing is changing in my library I don’t know why it keeps updating?