Library issue - not adding items


I think I may have found a bug in the library function. I have a lot of curated videos that have titles in their native language. These videos are identified properly in the metadata as “Movie”, “TV Program”, or “Other”.

To avoid having Infuse change the titles, I need to turn the “Metadata Fetching” Off and “Embedded Metadata” On.

In the folder view, everything looks great.

In the Library view, every title shows up as “other” - unless I select a video, do “Edit”, find the title on the supplied list, and select it. Then it is added to the library. The only other way to make it work is to turn on metadata fetching, but that screws up the titles.

I think the proper behavior of the library scanning function is to honor the setting of the video type in the metadata if fetching is turned off, so, I’m reporting this behavior as a bug.