Library is incomplete

I can’t quite explain what’s happening… But it’s been this way since I first got Infuse. I’d love to use the library function, but it just doesn’t show all of the content. The individual sections show their content, but the library only shows some of the content found in those individual parts.

Here’s an example: under my Video folder one show shows two seasons and the most recent season has 23 items. But when I go to library, that season only shows four of the episodes. I find it strange that the show naming differs for those four, compared to the other 19 (there might be something there). But I don’t see why it would show completely under my Folder but only partially under the Library.

Thoughts? The library has had lots of time to sync.

Naming has a world to do with how the library sorts your content. Library looks at all of your folders and combines them into the headings offered in the library. You may have TV shows scattered across several folders and the library will combine them under one view. In folders view you will see all the video files in a particular folder only and it will show all types of files, TV shows, movies, etc. In library it looks at the name and then distributes the files based on the info provided by the metadata sources.

I’d be willing to bet that the files missing from your library TV view are located in the “Other” library since it couldn’t figure out where to put them.

Why don’t you give us a sample of the complete name of the show that is showing up in library and one of the episode names exactly that isn’t showing. We can see if we can help you figure it out.