Library is empty every 2 days, and need to be rescanned

On my AppleTV, every 2 -3 days, my library is empty : Infuse has to scan again folder to find movies and tv shows (metadata and cover finding).
I do not understand why : no new instal, no unconnect, no logout…
I have a Synology DS118.

No trouble with iPhone Infuse version with same access account and options.

Thanks for your help

Note : same problem using direct connection, FTP ou UPnp access.

Unfortunately, the Apple TV can delete data in order to free up space for other apps.

We have seen this sometimes when using IPTV or DVR apps, as many of them like to cache an unlimited amount of data on the Apple TV, which in turn causes tvOS to remove data from Infuse and other apps.

One thing we’re working towards for an upcoming version is a much more robust iCloud Sync integration, which should dramatically reduce the time it takes to repopulate your library in the event the Apple TV does start deleting things.

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