Library ID of TV shows via XML (local data)

Can the library ID and categorise TV series from local data only (i.e offline/ no internet connection) using xml files

(with series arranged in folder structure TV SHOW\series name\ season 01\episode files)

Using the Library requires Metadata Fetching to be enabled.

You can override the info displayed using XML files, but XML files alone are not enough for the Library to work correctly.

Thanks for the clarification James .
Does library require continuous internet connection to function?
i.e could i enable fetching and connect to internet to organise my library and thereafter use infuse without access to the internet?
Will the library organisation data be stored locally?

Internet will be required when fetching info for items (one time), but once the info has been fetched it will remain cached on your device so you can use the Library without an internet connection.

Note, some features like iCloud/Trakt sync and subtitle downloads will not be available without an internet connection.

Thanks for the prompt replies
BTW it would be great to have a search facility on the discussion forum.

Just FYI there is a search option, it’s located on the bottom of the main page of the forum here.

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